May’s MTG Volunteer of the Month is someone who stepped up to the plate during the pandemic to help provide Menomonie’s kids with some virtual community. Maisie Cramer has been in love with theater since she can remember. Last year she played the “slim-hipped” Honey in her first ever Menomonie Theater Guild show, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and most recently she played the Burlesque Nurse in The Sunshine Boys.

We have named her Volunteer of the Month because she is currently organizing the Menomonie Theater Guild’s Dungeons and Dragons campaign to offer something fun for kids during quarantine, and was quick to offer her services during our time of need! We are so grateful.

“MTG’s D&D campaign has been a blast!” she said. “It’s been a lot of fun getting to know the players and seeing their characters develop. There have also been a lot of laughs, with some notable moments including the teasing of butler, a thorough discussion of how hurling books count as weapons, two consecutive natural 1’s, a magical ladybug, and a plot to steal a cat. I’m very excited to see how the campaign will continue to unfold!”

She is honored and humbled to be named Volunteer of the Month and hopes to be able to continue serving the guild in the future.