2023-24 Board of Directors

President: Sifia Jevne
Vice-President: Nell Heifner-Johnson
Treasurer: Julee Reckin-Thierer
Secretary: Sandy Nevin
Public Relations Co-Chairs: Laurel Fraher, Shari Johnson
Volunteer Chair: LeAnne Talberg
Members-at-Large: Tricia Thompson, Maddie Olson, Bethany Risler

2024-24 Production Committee Chairs

Props Chair: Robin Shay
Costume Chair: Elaine Lacksonen
Play Reading Chair: Courtney Ernste
Sets Co-Chairs: Bob Butterfield, Jared Robinson
Lighting Chair: Audric Buhr
Sound Chair: Jonathan Harlfinger

If you are interested in a position on the board or as a Production Chair, please contact menomonietheaterguild@gmail.com.