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Fern: Chloe Renfree Weiss

John Arable: Robbie Duffy

Martha Arable: Greta Peterson

Avery Arable: Raelynn Renfree Weiss

Homer Zuckerman: Madysen Schmidt

Edith Zuckerman: Karlen Knospe

Lurvy: Sidney McWithey

Wilbur: Nathan Boesl

Templeton/Barker at Fair: Andrew Thompson

Charlotte: Evelyn Doyle

Goose/Farmer with Potato at Fair/Judge/1st Fairgoer: Maya Frett

Gander/Official at Fair/Uncle: Lola Blue Koszalka

Sheep/1st Woman at Fair/1st Spectator: Camilla Doyle

Lamb/2nd Woman at Fair/Judge/2nd Fairgoer: Eleanor Doyle

Bat/Photographer/Woman at the Fair/3rd Fairgoer: Evelyn Wilkinson

Owl/Reporter/Concessionaire/Judge/Announcer: Cody Chen

Spider/Chorus- CJ Renfree Weiss

Spider /Chorus- Julianne Berrier

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