Missoula Children’s Theater Experience Coming Soon with “Peter and Wendy” musical show.


Missoula Children’s Theater Experience is a rehearsal process that culminates in weekend performances of an original Missoula Children’s Theater musical. Your child will participate in a group audition. A minimum of 50 children will be selected from the audition and will be given a role, rehearse and perform in the show. Children must be entering 1st-12th grade.

The show the children will be performing will be performing the musical “Peter and Wendy” and it will be performed at the historic Mabel Tainter. Show Tickets may be purchased now but a participation fee for the week-long experience will not be collected until a successful audition has occurred on August 21st.


Registration Fee:

$75 for the first child and $52.50 for each additional sibling (30% discount).

Registration and payment will take place in-person on August 21st. Participation fee will only be collected upon successful audition and acceptance into cast.

A limited number of need-based partial and full scholarships are available by contacting Dan Soler, Executive Director at mtg.dansoler@gmail.com. Scholarships may be (and are recommended to be applied for ahead of time) but do not guarantee acceptance into program until after successful audition.

Open Group Audition and First Rehearsal:

August 21, 10am-12pm: Audition at MTG Studio (502 W 2nd St. in Menomonie)

August 21, 12:15-2:15 pm: First rehearsal in which only specific cast members 8-18 will be asked to attend.


August 22-24 at the MTG Studio.

August 25 at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts (205 Main St. E in Menomonie).

Rehearsal times will vary by age and role. Rehearsals will be held between the hours of 10am-2:15pm. A rehearsal schedule will be provided on Aug. 21 after acceptance into the program.


August 26th at 3pm and 5:30pm at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts.






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