Little House Christmas Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Little House Christmas! We had an outstanding audition process and a very difficult time selecting the core cast. So many talented actors came out to audition. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Little House Christmas Cast List

Directed by: Mel Smith-Tourville, Assistant Director: Emmett Frett

Pa Ingalls: Dave Kile

Ma Ingalls: Casey Green

Mary Ingalls: Maya Frett

Laura Ingalls: Natalie Atwell

Carrie Ingalls: Sara Palmer

Mr. Edwards: Steve Renfree

Mrs. Oleson: Heidi Kile

Nellie Oleson: Tehya Johnson

Peter: Carter York

Nick: Owain Collins

Uncle George: Jax Tharp


Prairie Cast List

Directed by: Rachel Kelm, Assistant Director: Leanne Talberg
Towns People: Shelly Casper, Tanya Staatz, Mitch Ogden, Joshua McMahon, Nell Johnson
Prairie Children: Aiden Anderson, Ava Blackwell, Lola Blue-Koszalka*, Pearl Blue-Koszalka, Adrian Bondeson, Anica Bondeson, Katelian Bossany, Betty Bourman, Eleanor Bourman, Ayrianna Cooper, Elizabeth Coffin*, Grace Casper, Jed Casper, Quincy Cook, Savannah Chamberlain*, Molly Davis, Robbie Duffy, Anne Dye, Kaitlin Fellenz, Ruby Gayan*, Benjamin Goebel, Kalee Hogt, Amanda Holzer*, Ella Ivens*, Skylar Jemilo*, Camden Johnson, Hailey Klanderman, Bronwyn Kaspar-Frett, Alex McMahon*, Lauren McNally*, Kira Nevin*, Daphne Ogden, Jude Ogden, Lane O’Meara*, Mia Osterhaus, Meghan Prochnow, Chloe RenFree Weiss, CJ RenFree Weiss, Rae Linne RenFree Weiss, Zachary Richards, Elena Rixen, Madysen Schmidt, Caitlyn Sorensen, Isabel Sorensen, Rachel Sorensen, Shaunti Stanek, Keisha Stanek, Ana Torres*, Naomi Ullom*, Emma White, Maisah Wilson*, Samuel Wurm (spelling?), Emmett (no last name listed)
*invited to mentor younger actors

Read through and first rehearsal for all, this Sunday 10/16 from 4-8pm at the MTG Studio: 502 West 2nd Street, Menomonie. Parents are required to attend for the first hour. Rehearsal schedules will be handed out at that time. Thank you.

To decline a role as one of the Prairie Children or Towns People, or if you have any questions, needs or concerns please contact Mel at:

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