MTG Announces “The Crucible” Cast List

*EDIT* Due to a few schedule conflicts, we’d like to announce a few cast changes. Congratulations to Anthony, Stevi, Bob, Kevin, and Emmett!

Hurrah, hurrah! Three cheers for the cast of The Crucible! We had 30 very talented people audition, and as always, I wish there were parts for one and all!

Again, congratulations to the cast, and thank you all for the fun auditions!
-Katie Shay, Director


John Proctor: Anthony Madland
Abigail Williams: Belle Hearley
Reverend John Hale: Erik Evensen
Elizabeth Proctor: Stevi York
Reverend Samuel Parris: Kevin Drzakowski
Rebecca Nurse: Kate Brophy
Francis Nurse: Bob Colson
Judge Danforth: Steven Collie
Giles Corey: Bill Johnson
Martha Corey: Rebecca Evans
Thomas Putnam: Jax Tharp
Ann Putnam: Abby Seymour
Tituba: Israel Hill
Mary Warren: Jordyn York
Susanna Walcott: Katherine Kilde
Mercy Lewis: Alice Langby
Betty Parris: Lillianna Mather
Ezekiel Cheever: Max Williams
Judge John Hathorne: Alan Scott
Sarah Good: Robin Shay
John Willard: Emmett Frett
Puritan Girls: Maya Frett, Skylar Jemilo, Elizabeth Merrill, Rachel Scott


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